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Checkliste » Deutsche Wörter in englischen wiss. Texten. - Druckansicht

angst n. fear, anxiety, inner torment
autobahn n. motorway
bildungsroman n. novel describing personal development and formation
blatt n. (pl. blätter) newspaper
blitz n. swift action ~krieg n. war waged by surprise
bratwurst n. (pl. G: ~würste E: ~wursts) barbecued sausage
braunerde n. geological term (non-calcic brown soils)
dachshund n. (pl. ~hunde) short-legged breed of dog
delicatessen n. (abbr. deli) (G: Delikatessen) specialty food shop
doppelgänger n. a person of almost identical appearance but not related
dummkopf n. (pl. ~köpfe) moron, simpleton
edelweiss n. alpine flower
eigen(~value, ~function, ~vector) n. mathematical terms
ersatz n. substitute
fach n. a singing vocal type, e.g.: lyric, coloratura
fest n. (usually in compounds) abundance
festschrift n. (pl. festschriften) collection of learned papers, usu. honouring a colleague
gastarbeiter n. (pl. gastarbeiter) (lit) guest worker
gedankenexperiment n. thought experiment
gemütlich adj. cosy ~keit n. cosiness
gestalt n. (pl. ~en) the whole (appearance) of something
gesundheit n. health, here: interjection if someone sneezes
gneiss n. G: Gneis geological term
graben n. geological depression, ditch (F. Herbert, Dune)
glockenspiel n. musical instrument
hausfrau n. house-wife (usually slightly derogatory or patronising)
hinterland n. district behind coast or river banks
kaffeeklatsch n. get-together, cf. kitchen cabinet, chardonnay society
kaputt adj. not functioning
kindergarten n. day-care centre, playschool, preschool
kitsch n. without artistic taste, corny
kummerbund n. waist-band worn under tuxedo
lederhosen n. shorts made from leather
leitmotiv n. (also–but not in G.) leitmotif musical theme, esp. with Wagner
lied n. (pl. ~er) song, esp. by Schubert
meister n. (usually in compounds) expert
milch n. milk, only in milch cow
nix adv. nothing, for free
panzer n. tank
poltergeist n. makes things go bump in the night
putsch n. insurrection
realpolitik n. politics of the possible
Reich (3rd) n. period of the Nazi regime (1933-45)
riesling n. dry white wine
rucksack n. (pl. G: ~säcke E: ~sacks) bag with harness carried on one's back
sauerkraut n. fermented cut cabbage
schadenfreude n. delight about someone else's misfortune
schlepp (G: schleppen) v. to drag around
schlieren n. streaks, esp. to describe geological formations
schmalz n. sickly sentimentality
schnaps n. (E: schnapps) type of gin, strong liqueur, spirits
schnitzel n. meat cut
schuss n. downhill ski run
sitzprobe n. rehearsal of a musical stage work where singers are sitting and without costumes
spiel n. smooth talk for the purpose of selling, cheating, seducing
sprechgesang, sprechstimme n. intoned speech with melodic contours
strafe v.(!) 1. cover with gun fire, 2. slide sideways in computergames
strudel n. dessert, cake
stumm adj. mute
sturm und drang late 18th century novel style
torschlusspanik n. sense of panic in middle-age brought on by the feeling that life is passing you by (Weird and Wonderful Words, Eric McKean, OUP)
über- adj. (mostly spelt uber) over as in Overlord (cf. meister)
umlaut n. diacritical vowel
urtext n. original, authorised text
verboten adj. prohibited
wanderlust n. fond of walking/hiking
weltanschauung n. world view, philosophical stance
weltschmerz n. depression
windjammer n. large sailing ship
wunderkind n. exceptionally gifted child
zeitgeist n. societal attitude, spirit of the times
zugzwang n. in chess: a player is forced to move, but any move will be disadvantageous

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